10 Area Rug Ideas for Your Living Room | Decorsify rugs

10 Area Rug Ideas for Your Living Room | Decorsify rugs

Apr 7th 2023

An area rug can instantly transform your living room, adding warmth, texture, and an extra touch of personality to your space. With so many styles, colors, and materials available, it can be challenging to find the perfect rug to complement your decor and meet your needs.

Area rugs for living rooms can add brand new style to your living room, transforming it into a more inviting and cozy space. With countless designs, colors, and sizes available, it can be challenging to choose the perfect rug for your living space. In this article, we’ll explore ten great area rug ideas for your living room and answer some frequently asked questions to help you make the best choice. So keep reading if you want to know how to transform your living room with one simple switch: your rug!

A Statement-Making Pattern

If you’re looking to make a bold statement in your living room, consider choosing an area rug with an eye-catching pattern. This could be anything from a bright, colorful geometric pattern to a more muted abstract pattern. A rug that makes a big statement can instantly add personality and visual interest to your living room, making it stand out. Be careful that the pattern on your rug doesn’t clash with any other patterns present in your living room, like on furniture, pillows, or the color on your walls.

Layering Rugs

Layering rugs is an innovative way to add depth, texture, and dimension to your living room. Start with a large, neutral-colored rug as the base, and then layer a smaller, patterned rug on top. This technique can help define your seating area and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. You can also use two different materials for these rugs, adding to the contrast. Place a thinner rug over a thicker one, and add some floor pillows to the mix for the perfect centerpiece.

Monochromatic Elegance

For a timeless and sophisticated look, consider opting for a monochromatic area rug. Choose a rug in a shade that complements your living room's color scheme, such as a gray rug for a room with gray walls and furniture. This approach can create a cohesive, elegant aesthetic that never goes out of style. This style is more fit for those who prefer a classy and modern look – if your style tends to be more traditional or bohemian, then this is not the right option for you. Make sure you have a good grasp on your stylistic personality before making your decisions, so that you know the rug will work perfectly for what you hope to achieve.

Natural Fibers

Area rugs made from natural fibers like jute, sisal, or seagrass can bring an earthy, organic feel to your living room. These rugs are not only environmentally friendly, but they also add texture and warmth to your space in a way that’s different from other materials. Pair a natural fiber rug with other natural materials, such as wood or stone, to create a harmonious, calming atmosphere. This is the ideal option for anyone hoping to create a bohemian style living room, or for anyone who has rustic furniture and enjoys warm colors.

Plush Comfort

For a cozy, inviting living room, consider choosing an area rug with a high pile. Plush rugs can provide a soft, comfortable surface underfoot, making your living room a more enjoyable space to relax and unwind. Opt for a rug in a neutral color like beige or gray to maintain a soothing, inviting atmosphere. Shag rugs are some of the most popular options when it comes to thicker, fuller rugs.

Vintage Charm

A vintage or antique area rug can add a touch of history and charm to your living room if that is the style that you tend to go for. Look for rugs with traditional designs, like Persian or Oriental patterns, in colors that go with the rest of your furniture. You can bring warmth and character to your space with a washable Persian rug if having a machine-washable rug sounds like a priority that you need for your living space. This is the perfect options for those who have children, pets, or entertain often.

Kathryn Transitional Damask Area Rug

Striking Contrast

Create a striking contrast in your living room by choosing an area rug that contrasts with your flooring or furniture. And the key word here is contrast, not clash. For example, if you have dark hardwood floors, consider a light-colored rug, such as a cream or white shag rug. This contrast can add visual interest and depth to your space, making it feel more dynamic and engaging. You should test out different colors against your existing decor, to make sure that the opposing colors you choose won’t look too harsh against those you’re already using.

Modern Minimalism

For a sleek, contemporary look, consider choosing a minimalist area rug. Choose a rug with simple geometric patterns or a solid color that goes with your modern decor. Pair the rug with clean-lined furniture and minimal accessories to create a streamlined, sophisticated space. Creating the perfect modern living room really is that easy!

Colorful Accents

If your living room is primarily neutral, consider adding a pop of color with a vibrant area rug. Choose a rug with bold colors or patterns that complement your existing decor and use it as the focal point of your space. This approach can add energy and excitement to your living room, making it feel more lively and inviting. Whereas in the previous tips you were using pops of color as contrast, if you used this method you would be pulling pops of color from the rest of your decor and choosing them in your rug. Match your rug with throw pillows, blankets, or wall art.

Customized Shapes

Break free from traditional rectangular area rugs by choosing a rug in a unique shape. Round, oval, or even irregularly-shaped rugs can add visual interest and a touch of whimsy to your living room. This nontraditional approach can help you create a unique space that shows off your taste and style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size area rugs are best for the living room?

A: The size of the area rug for your living room depends on the size of the room and the furniture layout. In general, the rug should be large enough to accommodate all the main furniture pieces, such as sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. For larger living rooms, you may consider using multiple area rugs to define different zones within the space.

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Q: What size area rug do I need for an open-concept living room?

A: In an open-concept living room, it's essential to choose an area rug that helps define the seating area and provides a sense of cohesion. A good rule of thumb is to choose a rug that extends at least 6 to 8 inches beyond the edges of your furniture. This will help create a defined, inviting seating area within your open-concept space.

Q: Are jute rugs good for the living room?

A: Jute rugs can be a great choice for living rooms, as they add warmth, texture, and an organic feel to the space. They are also durable and easy to maintain, making them a practical option for high-traffic areas. However, keep in mind that jute rugs may not provide the same level of softness and cushioning as rugs made from other materials, such as wool or synthetic fibers.

Q: How do I measure an area rug for the living room?

A: To measure for an area rug in your living room, start by measuring the length and width of your seating area. Then, add 6 to 8 inches to each dimension to ensure that the rug extends beyond the edges of your furniture. This will help make the room look nice and cohesive, and the rug won't look too small or out of place.

Q: What size area rug is best for a living room with a sectional?

A: When choosing an area rug for a living room with a sectional sofa, it's essential to select a rug that is large enough to accommodate the entire sectional as well as any additional furniture pieces, such as chairs or coffee tables. Typically, a rug that is at least 9 feet by 12 feet should be sufficient for most sectionals. However, it's always best to measure your specific seating area and consider the overall layout of your living room to ensure the best fit.

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Q: How do I clean and maintain my living room area rug?

A: Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial for keeping your living room area rug looking its best. Start by vacuuming the rug at least once a week to remove dirt and debris, taking care to use a vacuum without a beater bar to prevent damage to the fibers. For spills or stains, spot-clean the area as soon as possible using a clean cloth and a mild detergent solution. For a deeper clean, consider having your rug professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months, or as needed, depending on the rug's material and level of use. Also, rotating your rug every few months can help it wear evenly and keep it from fading from the sun.

In the end, there are a lot of ways to decorate your living room with area rugs, such as with bold patterns, layered rugs, elegant one-color rugs, and striking contrasts. By considering factors such as your living room's size, color scheme, and overall style, you can choose an area rug that complements and elevates your space.

Remember that the right rug can not only provide comfort and warmth underfoot but also serve as a focal point, tying your living room's design elements together. Don't hesitate to experiment with different rug styles, colors, and textures until you find the perfect fit for your living room. It's out there, you just have to find it! And if you're looking for somewhere to start, take a look at the different listings on Decorsify.com. We have plenty of rugs, for your living room and beyond it!