Bedroom Rug Placement: 7 Ideas for your Bedroom

Bedroom Rug Placement: 7 Ideas for your Bedroom

Apr 6th 2023

Rugs make an impact on a home, we’ve established that by now – and any home decor lover knows just how important rug are. A well-placed rug can transform the look and feel of your bedroom, adding warmth, texture, and style. Choosing the right rug placement in the bedroom can make a significant difference in the overall design and atmosphere of the room, and with the bedroom being one of the main destination spaces in a home, this is a big deal. Keep reading, and we will explore seven ideas for bedroom rug placement to help you create a comfortable and inviting space.

Under the Bed

One of the most popular area rug placement ideas for the bedroom is to position the rug under the bed. This placement not only provides a soft surface underfoot when you get in and out of bed but also helps to anchor the room and define the sleeping area. Make sure to choose a rug large enough to extend beyond the sides and foot of the bed if you choose this position, which will offer the room more balance. This is one of the easier and more straightforward options you have when using a rug in your bedroom, and is the most popular for that reason.

At the Foot of the Bed

Placing a rug at the foot of your bed is another popular option that plenty of designers have taken advantage of in recent years as a way to add an extra accent to their bedrooms. If you’re placing a rug at the foot of your bed it should be a smaller rug, either a round rug or a runner rug, depending on the size and shape of both your room and your furniture. If your bedroom is very large you could still get away with using a full-size rug in this placement, though with typical bedroom sizes a smaller rug would look more cohesive, and like it belongs. Make sure that the colors in your rug flow with your bedspread and other furniture in the space, and you’re good to go!

Layered Over Wall-to-Wall Carpet

If your bedroom has wall-to-wall carpeting, consider layering an area rug over the carpet for added texture and depth. This arrangement lets you add new colors and patterns to your bedroom, which is a simple and inexpensive way to change its style, without having to rip the carpet up and replace it with hardwood or tile flooring. Be sure to choose a rug with a low pile and a non-slip pad to prevent it from shifting on the carpet, or damaging the fibers of the carpet underneath.

Next to the Bed

Placing a rug next to the bed is an excellent option for those who want a soft, cozy surface underfoot when they step out of bed. This rug placement works well with long, narrow rugs or runners, which can be positioned on one or both sides of the bed.

Choose a rug that complements your bedroom's color scheme and style for a harmonious look.Keep in mind that the color of your rug can influence your mood, especially somewhere like the bedroom. This is how.

Under a Seating Area

If your bedroom has a separate seating area or reading nook, consider placing a rug under the furniture to define the space and add some comfort there, rather than just in the main area under the bed. Or, if you have enough space, you can use a rug both in your seating area and under your bed for double the stylistic impact, and double the comfort.

Diagonal Placement

For a unique and dynamic look, consider placing your bedroom rug diagonally. This unconventional rug placement is a great way to make a statement in your bedroom and make your stylistic individuality known. Diagonal placement works well with square or rectangular rugs and can be particularly effective in smaller bedrooms, where it can create the illusion of more space. This is a placement that you’d want to try out if the style of your bedroom is modern, funky, or eclectic – if you prefer a traditional look, you might want to stick with more basic, straight-lined placement.

Filling an Empty Corner

If you have an empty corner in your bedroom, consider filling it with a rug. This placement can help to soften the harsh lines of the room and add warmth and texture. A round or irregularly-shaped rug can work particularly well in a corner, changing the entire dynamic of the way the room is structured just by softening those harsh edges. You can add some other decor pieces like corner shelves or standing mirrors to deepen the illusion and camouflage the corners of your bedroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size of area rug is right for the master bedroom?

A: The ideal size area rug for a master bedroom depends on the size of the room and the layout of your furniture. Generally, you should choose a rug that is large enough to accommodate the bed and any bedside tables, with extra space around the edges. For example, for a queen-sized bed, an 8 x 10 or 9 x 12 rug is usuallya good choice.

The placement of the rug should be such that it extends evenly beyond the sides and foot of the bed, while still leaving at least a few inches of space between the rug’s borders and the wall.

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Q: Can I use multiple rugs in my bedroom?

A: Yes, using multiple rugs in your bedroom can be an effective way to define different areas within the space and add some deeper contrast. For example, as we mentioned before, you can place a large area rug under the bed and a smaller rug beside it or under a seating area. When using more than one rug, it is important to choose ones with colors, patterns, and textures that go well together, as well as both accommodate the style you’re hoping to achieve in the space.

Q: How do I choose the right rug material for my bedroom?

A: When choosing a rug material for your bedroom, think about how comfortable it is, how long it will last, and how easy it is to clean. Soft and plush materials like wool, cotton, or shag are ideal for bedrooms, as they provide a cozy surface underfoot and can help to insulate the room.

Additionally, consider the amount of foot traffic the rug will receive and opt for a material that can withstand wear and tear. Synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester can be a good choice for high-traffic areas, as they are durable and easy to clean. You could even go for a machine-washable rug, though those tend to be a little less plush – but that way, you wouldn’t have to worry about any wear and tear or stains damaging your rug.

To wrap up this post, we just want to say that placing an area rug in your bedroom isn’t as difficult of a decision as it’s made out to be. There are dozens of options and it can be somewhat overwhelming, sure, but having a variety of options is better than not having enough! Take a hard look at your bedroom and plan your layout and theme, and with these seven tips in mind, you’ll be more than ready to start your hunt for the perfect bedroom rug for you.

If you’re starting that journey now and need somewhere to start, try’s online store. We have plenty of rugs to choose from, both for your bedroom and every other room in your house, as well as different pieces of furniture if you’re in need of an upgrade there, too! Regardless of where you shop, with this guide in mind, you’re sure to find the right rug for you and your home. Good luck, and happy shopping!