What Makes Extra-Large Rugs the Perfect Bedroom Rugs

What Makes Extra-Large Rugs the Perfect Bedroom Rugs

Feb 22nd 2023

See if this sounds familiar: you finish decorating your bedroom, your knick-knacks shelved and pillows fluffed, only to realize that you're not finished at all. You take a look around and it suddenly hits you that there's something missing, but you can't place exactly what it is... until you look down. You spent so much time decorating the walls and the furniture that you missed one of the most crucial areas of any room: the floor! Compared to the rest of the space that you've so painstakingly decorated, the floor now looks bare, bland, and uncomfortable. Luckily there's an easy solution to this problem in the form of area rugs!

While any size of area rug can be used in a bedroom, some sizes work better than others. Small or medium-sized rugs, for instance, might not fill enough of the space to make an impact. Runner rugs are too long and thin, and round rugs can tend to clash with the rectangular shape of most beds. So that leaves you with larger options, the largest of these being rugs that range from 9'x11' to 11'15'. Styling a rug of that size can seem like a daunting task, but the pros heavily outweigh the cons. Keep reading to learn about why you should use an extra-large rug in your bedroom re-style!

They Make a Statement

The larger the rug, the larger an impression it makes on the room they're in. Depending on your chosen decor style, you could opt for a neutral rug, a rug with bold prints or patterns or even a rug in grayscale, and no matter the design the impact on the room will be huge!

Making sure an extra-large area rug fits with the rest of your bedroom decor is extremely important, and can be difficult with such a large area being covered. Take inventory of what colors and textures you'll be using in the space before making any final purchases to ensure that the room will still flow once the rug is in place. Don't be afraid to experiment, maybe using an imposing app to see how a rug can look inside your home, or laying out paint swatches to see what shades you want to bring out in the rug.

They Provide Full Protection

Rugs protect your floor: this is a known fact. And while this sentiment is true for all rug styles and sizes, an extra-large rug will cover more space and therefore protect more of your floor. The goal when purchasing an extra-large area rug is to make sure it covers the majority of the space directly under your bedroom furniture (so your bed, any chairs, maybe a vanity or TV stand) with a few inches of the floor left between the border of the rug and the wall. This way any movement or scraping of furniture will happen with the layer of your rug between the furniture feet and the floor beneath.

Scrapes of furniture aren't the only thing that rugs protect your floor from, though! Heavy foot traffic can put wear on your floors too, which is lessened by the cushion of your rug. If there are any spills, the liquid won't seep into your hardwood, but will instead be soaked up by the material of your rug, protecting your floor from any minor water damage, too!

Alina Traditional Oriental Washable Area Rug

They Create a Layer of Comfort

This is perhaps the most important reason to buy an area rug, especially for your bedroom: the comfort factor. While rugs are placed to amplify decor and add to the ambiance of a room, they are ultimately added for the comfort of the buyer, and this is especially true in the room of your house that is your own personal oasis. The room where you rest, where you sleep for the night, where you have all of your most personal belongings, should be overly comfortable - and an extra-large rug is the perfect way to accomplish that.

Extra-large rugs come in an array of styles and colors, meaning that your comfort won't come at the expense of style. For extra plush you can go with a shag rug, or for a more durable option you can opt for a thin washable rug that can easily be cleaned. The options are endless, and thankfully comfort is a factor with all of them.

They are Fully Space-Filling

Rugs add depth to whatever room your put them in, no matter their size and no matter the rest of the objects in the room. But this depth is made much more apparent if you opt for a larger rug. Depending on your room size, an extra-large rug will either completely fill the space, or if your room is larger, will make the biggest statement due to the area covered. Any smaller sizes, while still beneficial, won't have as much of a cohesive effect on the room as an extra-large rug will.

If you are trying to fill your entire room, placing the rug in the center underneath your furniture, with an equal distance from the wall on all sides is the way to go. That way, the space appears filled without seeming too crowded - if you measure your rug to meet the walls, the room can end up feeling stuffed rather than cozy and full.

They are Easy to Clean

Lastly, extra-large rugs are easy to clean - especially if you opt for a washable option! Spot-treating rugs can be a somewhat frustrating process, so choosing a washable area rug might be the right option for you, especially if your bedroom is a high-traffic area! Being able to efficiently clean the rug that goes in your bedroom, a room you spend a good portion of your time in, is very important.

With washable rugs, cleaning them is as easy as doing some minor spot-treating, throwing them in the washer on cold with non-bleach detergent, and then hanging them dry before placing them back out where you want them! If you choose a non-washable rug, you can still efficiently clean them by taking them outside and beating out any debris, then vacuuming and spot-treating them. Again, use a gentle non-bleach detergent to scrub out any stubborn stains, then let the rug dry somewhere airy and warm before placing it back in your home.

If you're re-designing your bedroom, giving your personal space a refresh, or just hoping to add something new to your already-existing decor, an extra-large area rug might be the perfect choice for you! Here at Decorsify we have a large selection of rugs running from sizes 9'x11' to 11'x15' in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, so make sure to check out our listings when picking out the next extra-large rug for your bedroom!