Styling Up Your Solid Area Rug

Styling Up Your Solid Area Rug

Jan 25th 2023

A good area rug is the decor piece that can make or break the design of any room. A solid-colored area rug is appropriately considered a staple, as a way to tie a room together without disrupting the styles or patterns already present. If you're interested in using a solid area rug in your space but aren't sure how to go about styling it, keep reading for tips on how to do exactly that!

Create Contrast

One of the most important things to do when placing a solid area rug in your space is to create contrast. Area rugs are beautiful, but if you were to add a rug that melded with your furniture and other decor without any difference in color or texture, then the room would simply begin to blur together. So, instead, be sure to create some contrast between your rug and the other items in the room! If your walls are painted a lighter hue, go with a darker rug that will attract the eye. If your furniture is sleek and smooth, maybe consider using a thicker texture for your solid rug, such as a shag rug.

You can create contrast with plenty of decor items, without making any drastic changes to the color of your walls or switching out any heavy furniture! If you're afraid that your rug doesn't have enough variation from your walls and furniture, add in other patterned or textured decor to serve as contrast instead. Use thick throw blankets and metallic throw pillows for a modern twist, or use wicker baskets and greenery to make the room feel more rustic and cozy.

Add Patterns

Creating contrast isn't only something that you do with the base colors of your decor, but also with shapes and patterns! A solid living room rug, for example, is the perfect decor piece to partner with a patterned couch, patterned arm chair, or multi-colored wall art. The same can be said for a solid rug that you use in your bedroom, bathroom, or in any other part of your home.

If patterned furniture is too far outside your comfort zone, use furniture that contrasts at least a little with the solid rug, and then use throw pillows and blankets with different patterns printed on them. Or, if patterns overall aren't in your tastes, you can achieve the same sort of layering dynamic by using different shapes, instead! If your solid rug is a traditional rectangle or square, then use wall art that is framed in ovals. Hang a triangular planter, use a circular wicker basket, or implement oblong pillows to stand out against the shape of your rug. That way every piece of your decor will be different enough to hold the attention of your guests without overshadowing one another.

Make it Pop

A solid rug, on its own, might not make that bold of a statement. It can add depth and fluidity to a room, but if you're looking to really make your area rug stand out then the solid color should be one that pops when placed against the other colors and textures in the room. Similar to adding contrast, making your rug pop takes that mindset even further by creating an extremely sharp contrast between the rug and the rest of the room.

Instead of choosing a beige area rug to accommodate your neutral decor, choose a color outside of your comfort zone: maroon, burnt orange, sage green. Pair your bold solid colored rug with other decor of the same or similar colors, to make sure that while the contrast is present, there is still a flow of the aesthetic through the space. A large rug is suited best for this task, as it will be more likely to draw the eye than using a bold rug in a smaller space, like a corner or in front of the door. Be daring and make your vibrant rug the centerpiece of your space to really make the decor pop.

Accessorize It Up

Whether you're maximalist or minimalist, no one can deny that accessories are what complete design. A room without enough decor can be plain, especially if that minimal decor is simplistic in style. No matter your color scheme or running theme of design, having enough decoration in your space is what is going to assure that it fits your needs - and this becomes more true when using a solid area rug. Solid rugs are beautiful, classic, timeless... but without any other added accessories, they won't succeed in transforming your space. So, be sure to accessorize it up!

Accessories can be any decor you like that fits your chosen aesthetic. Or if you haven't chosen a specific look to follow, you can try out different styles of decor and see which one fits you - and your rug - the best!

Layer It On

There is an easy fix to you believing that your solid rug doesn't make enough of a statement, and that fix is using another rug! Layering rugs has grown in popularity in recent years, especially for those with maximalist or eclectic styles. If you find a solid colored area rug that you really love but that you feel isn't making the impact you'd hoped, don't despair or get rid of it! Instead, try adding a second rug of a different size and texture to partner with your already-existing rug.

Layering rugs can be done in several different ways, all of which can be successful to transforming your space. Large area rugs can be partnered with smaller accent rugs in the same room; for example, one rug can be placed underneath the central furniture, while the other can be placed directly under the television or beneath a window. Or, if you're looking to create a textured look, you can overlap two existing rugs in the same place! Place a smaller, circular contemporary rug overtop a an extra large rectangular area rug to create both a pop of color and a fuller feeling to the room overall. Layering with rug pads underneath your rugs is already a good idea, and this method of design just takes that ideation one step further.

Keep It Simple

Last but not least, one of the best uses of a solid area rug is to simplify your space... in the best way! When we hear the word simple it's easy to connect that word to others like boring, plain, or dull - but that isn't the case! Area rugs are going to make an impact in your space regardless of the rest of your decor, your furniture, or your color scheme. Don't overthink it! If you're a fan of the classics, just place your solid area rug underneath your existing furniture and decor, before stepping back to admire the simple difference that it makes just by existing in your space.

All in all, a solid colored area rug will make a fantastic addition to your home decor, whether you need an anchoring point or a new splash of color. If you're in the market for a solid area rug, be sure to check out our options at, as well as all of the other beautiful rugs that we have in store!