A Guide to Wall-Hanging Rugs

A Guide to Wall-Hanging Rugs

Jun 12th 2023

Rugs are sometimes thought of as little more than decorative floor coverings, yet their adaptability goes far beyond. In fact, a rug mounted on a wall can act as a distinctive and eye-catching work of art, altering the mood of any space. In this post, we here at Decorsify will explore where and how to hang a rug on a wall as we dig into the world of rug wall hanging to give your interior design a unique and intriguing twist. So, if this is something you’ve seen before and want to know more, or if you’ve never heard of hanging wall rugs before, keep reading to find out more!

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Why Should You Pick a Wall Rug?

Before we get into the specifics of wall rug installation and placement, we’ll talk a little bit about why a rug on a wall may be a potent decorative component. Wall rugs give your room a warm, textured appearance that is rich and substantial. Additionally, they can act as a sound buffer, which makes them particularly ideal for spaces with soaring ceilings or simple decor that might reverberate otherwise. They serve the same purpose as wall art, but in a way that is unique and stands apart from other traditional wall hangings, tapestries, or art pieces.

Selecting the Ideal Wall Rug

It is important to choose a hanging rug that matches the style, size, color, and textural depth of your room. The rug should stand out as a showpiece while also seamlessly blending in with your current furnishings. A warm-hued rug could offer a striking contrast in a space with a lot of cool tones, while a space with strong hues and patterns could benefit from a simple, monochromatic hanging rug to add a touch of sophistication.

Best Places for a Wall Rug

Next, let’s talk about where you might want to install the rug now that we have discussed why to hang a rug on a wall and how to pick the best one. The position is heavily influenced by the rug's size, style, and desired look.A wall rug in the living room can be used to frame a comfortable reading corner or draw attention to the area above a sofa or fireplace. In the bedroom, you could place the mounted rug above your bed to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing extension of your headboard. A tiny rug can be hung in the bathroom for an unexpected design element, while a runner rug hung lengthwise can add brightness to a dark hallway. The placement options are endless! Wherever you have a large enough wall, you could hang a rug as a statement piece.

Getting Ready to Hang Your Wall Rug

Make sure your rug is tidy and in decent shape before hanging it on the wall. If necessary, take into account hiring a professional cleaner, particularly for old or priceless rugs. To avoid damage and to give your rug more hold against the wall, use a rug pad or liner

How to Hang a Rug on the Wall

It is possible to hang a rug on a wall in several ways. The decision is based on the size, weight, and material of the rug as well as the style of your walls.

In order to hang lighter rugs, a dowel can be placed into a casing that has been stitched along the top edge of the rug. Rug hangers, clamping devices that securely support the rug without causing any damage, may be necessary for heavier or larger rugs. Another common technique is Velcro, particularly for transient displays or rugs that may need to be taken down frequently for cleaning.

How to Care for Rugs on Walls

Once you have successfully hung your rug, it is important to preserve its beauty and durability. Like conventional works of art, hanging rugs are vulnerable to dust and direct sunlight damage. Consider where you hang your rug to keep it out of direct sunlight and dust it often to keep it looking good.


Q: Can any kind of rug be used as a wall rug?

A: Any rug can be hung on a wall technically, but it is crucial to consider the rug's weight and the potential strain on your wall. Usually, lighter, thinner rugs are simpler to hang. However, even heavier options can be displayed safely and securely with the right hanging method.

Q: How do I pick the appropriate wall rug for my room?

A: Think about the size, color, style, and material that will work best with your current decor. The rug should be large enough to cover the desired area on your wall without overpowering the space. A warm-hued rug might be a wonderful contrast if the colors in your space are mostly cool. In contrast, a space with strong hues and patterns could benefit from a simple, monochromatic hanging to add a touch of sophistication.

Q: How frequently should I clean my hanging rug?

A: To keep them appearing new, wall hanging rugs should be dusted frequently, typically once per month. However, depending on their location and dust exposure, they might not need to be deep cleaned as frequently as floor rugs. Wall rugs should be thoroughly cleaned every one to two years, or sooner if they start to seem significantly unclean or discolored.

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Wall rugs provide a flexible, innovative way to improve your home's aesthetic appeal. The appropriate wall rug, hanging in the proper location, may completely change the atmosphere of your home, whether you are going for a traditional feel, a boho-chic appearance, or a contemporary appeal. A distinctive fusion of art, tradition, and design is welcomed into your house through the selection, hanging, and upkeep of your wall rug.

If this idea is one you think you want to try, your first step is to start looking for the perfect rug. Kick off your search by taking a look at the different options we have available on Decorsify’s online store. If you try out this method and love it as much as we do, share it to social media with the hashtag #Decorsified so we can see it! As always, happy decorating!