A How-To Guide for Machine-Washing Your Washable Rug

A How-To Guide for Machine-Washing Your Washable Rug

Feb 10th 2022

Area rugs have the power to effortlessly liven up the best spaces in your home, with dozens of different colors, shapes and sizes, or materials. But there's one universal truth when it comes to rug that most decor-lovers don't like thinking about... rugs get dirty.

Really dirty.

Thankfully, un-washable rugs are a thing of the past, and with our new line of washable rugs, cleaning your area rugs is easier than ever before! Of course there are rugs that you can still wash the traditional way, by hand and with immense care, but with our collection of beautiful washable rugs, your options for cleaning your rug become a whole lot simpler. Still, washing rugs - even in the washing machine - has to be done correctly, so we at Decorsify want to prepare you for exactly how to achieve your cleanest, tidiest home! So we've prepared a step-by-step guide to keeping our washable rugs clean using only your washing machine and your own two hands.

Here’s a rundown on how to wash a rug in the washing machine:

Step 1: Pre-Cleaning

Before your washing machine even comes into play, you need to do some pre-cleaning for your rug, especially if it has gotten extremely dirty. This is for everyone with a lot of pet dander and pet hair, or just plain old dirt, dust and debris. This step includes shaking your rug vigorously to eliminate everything you can before ever putting your rug into the washer. This can be done just by shaking it out, with a rug brush, or by beating the rug against a solid surface - make sure to do your pre-cleaning outside, to keep any dirt and debris from remaining inside your living space!

Step 2: Pre-Treating

Once you've removed any excess debris from your rug, then it's time to tackle any embedded stains with pre-treating. Apply a small amount of liquid detergent to any spots or stains that are visible, then rub it slowly into the spot for about sixty seconds. Once the detergent is rubbed in, let it sit for about thirty minutes before putting your rug into the washing machine. This will help to loosen the stains from the fabric and make them easier to wash clean.

Step 3: Loading Your Machine

Now that you’ve pre-cleaned and pre-treated your rug, you’re ready to load your machine. Set your machine to delicate, and use cold water to clean your dirty rug most effectively. Also, make sure that your rug has plenty of room so that it can spin, tumble, and wash freely - so don't put it into the machine with any other clothes, or loads of towels or blankets.

Only add a small amount of detergent, as rugs don’t need the same amount that clothes do - enough to get clean, but not much more. Additionally, avoid using bleach on rugs with rubber or anti-slip backing, as the chemicals in the bleach can damage the backing and loosen it, or could even ruin the rug entirely. Just a small amount of detergent will do the trick, nothing more and nothing less!

Finally, be sure to air-dry your rug. A dryer’s heat can melt a few different elements of your rug, including the rubber backing. So find an open area in your home, or a clear and sunny spot just outside to hang your rug to dry!

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