All You Need to Know About the Different Types of Area Rugs

All You Need to Know About the Different Types of Area Rugs

Apr 1st 2022

An area rug offers more than merely a soft surface to dig your toes into. It can be a powerful design tool that dresses up your floor and complements your other decor. A single rug can instantly transform your bland room into a bold one. 

But don’t rush out and buy the first rug that captures your eye. Different types of area rugs are available, and they all bring something unique to a room. Here’s a rundown on the types of area rugs to choose from and how to pick an area rug.

Rugs Come in Varying Styles and Sizes

Just as numerous furniture, room, and lighting styles exist, there is no shortage of styles with area rugs.

For instance, if you would like to create a high-end, traditional-looking space, you can’t go wrong with a traditional Oriental rug. Traditional rugs stand out for their intricate designs often featuring natural elements, like plants and animals. And despite being very different types of area rugs, they can easily serve as gorgeous complements to modern spaces’ contemporary decor.

Meanwhile, if you are trying to create a more contemporary vibe, choose a modern area rug featuring fresh colors. Contemporary rugs often feature strong geometrics and bold hues that stand out and create a lively feeling in a room. Like traditional rugs, contemporary rugs serve as welcome contrasts in traditional spaces, giving them a more modish look. These rugs blend well with vintage and classic furniture and decor, as well as modern decor.


Different types of area rugs come with varying patterns or solid colors to suit your unique design vision. For instance, let’s say that your room has patterned furniture. Consider adding a solid-colored rug to give the space a calming, grounding effect. Meanwhile, if your walls and furniture feature solid colors, patterned rugs can give your rooms life. The key to how to pick an area rug is to offer a beautiful balance of patterns and solids with the existing decor for an inviting look and feel.


When choosing different types of area rugs, pay close attention to your color choices as well. Your hue choice will serve as the foundation for your entire room’s decor and vibe. For instance, warm tones offer a cozy, inviting, and stimulating feel. Meanwhile, cool tones create a serene and calm space.

Also, if you want the rug to become your room’s main focus, select a brighter rug. Meanwhile, a darker rug is an excellent covering for a dark wooden floor. Furthermore, note that neutral-tone rugs or single-color rugs are best in rooms with many patterns and a large amount of color. Meanwhile, a bold-colored rug can add spice to a room that otherwise features muted hues.

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